Even in the dark zone, there is some light. Turn off the submersible headlights, and you’ll see a pyrotechnic display outside. These lights are created by animals. This is bioluminescence.A deep-sea angler fish flashes in the darkness. The light is generated by bacteria that live permanently inside the lure, which attracts prey to these murderous teeth. There are all sorts of lures out in the darkness. Come into my mouth, little fish! And what is the purpose of this lure, suspended on a long rod, way below its owner's terrifying set of teeth? It's difficult to be sure, but then this monster does have another giant flashing lure much closer to its mouth. These fish are called anglers because they use their lures in much the same way as fly fishermen use their imitation flies. For a hunting squid with huge eyes, this glimmer is intriguing.It might just be food. A satisfying meal for a fish with a highly extendible stomach.