It's likely that in the second half of this year, the U.K. economy will return to positive, if modest, growth. The Governor of the Bank of England has said the recession is coming to an end. Mervyn King says the U.K. economy is likely to register some growth in the second half of the year. However, he has warned that there's a great deal of uncertainty about the shape of the recovery...and that we, as a nation, will be paying for this economic crisis for a generation. Billions of pounds have been spent propping up the banking sector - something which has sent government borrowing through the roof. And now, with city institutions reportedly set to pay billions of pounds in bankers' bonuses...Mr. King has criticized the financial industry for failing to reform itself despite breathtaking levels of taxpayers' support. To paraphrase a great wartime leader, Never in the field of financial endeavor has so much money been owed by so few to so many. And, one might add, with so far, with little real reform. Mervyn King was speaking to business leaders in Edinburgh. He's argued that the banks got themselves into trouble through risky behavior...and because they knew they were too big to fail. And that, in the event of failure, the taxpayer would pick up the pieces.