In this challenging economy, it seems to be all about adapting your skills and marketing yourself. Well one guy says, he'll specialize in anything, as long as he can learn it. And that guy is only 8 years old. Meet entrepreneur Tanner Leuellen, a budding business titan and he joins me live from Chicago this morning. Good morning to you, Tanner. -Good morning.-Well, you certainly dressed the part. Thank you for getting all fancy for us this morning. Well, you're welcome. Actually, I like wearing dress clothes, so it's kind of special thing to me that you asked me to. Aw, well we appreciate how well you look. Now, tell me a little bit about what you did when you went to this business fair in Rockford, Illinois. Why did you want to go there? Well, uhm, actually, I didn't want to go. My friend Steve, he actually, he had a person that he wanted to go with, and so, but that person couldn't come... so I filled in for him and then, and then it was like the last minute that he canceled, like the last minute, so... - Aha, and so you got the chance to go. Now I understand you've made some business cards.- yeah...because you found out that if you put your business card in that little box, you might win the raffle or something. -So, what did it say on your business card? What do you call yourself? -I call myself an apprentice creator. Uh, can you show me that business card? 'Cause I wanna know what that is. What do you do? -It's right here.-What's your specialty? Uhm, well actually, it just says, “Specializing in everything I can learn with interest in almost anything you can teach me.” “Call or email me today for your next part with your next project.” And then, for all of you that have my business card, here's my phone and email. 815-721405... -Oh, that's okay. We don't need the number.-Okay, you're gonna get too many job offers from that. -Now, let me ask you this, Tanner, it's my understanding that originally, you wanted to be a train driver. -Yes. Now that you are the apprentice creator, do you have other aspirations? Do you want to still be a train driver or something else? I actually don't know yet. But I'm thinking about a scientist and still a train driver, or a construction worker, I'm not sure yet. -Alright, now, how much do you charge for your services?-I have to say about 5 dollars. -Five dollars an hour? -Uhm, half an hour. -Half of...?-Five dollars, half an hour. Oh, 5 dollars for a half an hour. Alright, now I understand that uhm, that you learned a lot. You've picked up some other people's business cards, while you were there. So do you know what the word 'networking' means? Uhm, I believe it means contacting, and keeping in touch, or something like that I should have known that you were going to know the answer to that, Tanner. Well, you're off to a great start. Let me ask you this, have you ever watched “The Apprentice” on TV? Do you know who Donald Trump is? -Yes, I've only seen it once or twice.-Alright, well you're on your way to maybe being on that show and much more... -He's kind of mean.-He is? Well, that's because he says – yeah, that's 'cause he says, “You're fired.” But definitely, you are not going to be fired, you are starting off in a very innovative way. you are only 8 years old and you are little sweet heart. Thank you so much for dressing up and join us this morning. Tanner Leuellen. -You're welcome. Bye-bye!-If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what does. We have more Fox and Friends in 2 minutes.