Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton. Turn on the CBS satellite, let’s go, ladies and gentlemen. There she is. -Hello, everyone.-Hello there, Senator, how are you?-All right. I will read the numbers as she will read the entries. -That’s how this works. So, are you ready? Heeeere we go. Number 10...-We have more Dakotas than every other country combined. -That’s right. Top 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Loves America. Number 9...-Canadian Bacon: soggy and chewy; American Bacon: crisp and delicious! -Ohh, man, is it ever! Number 8!-Thanks to the Internet, I can order new pantsuits 24/7 - there's your pantsuit joke, Dave. Are you happy now? There you go. Fantastic, thank you very much, Senator. Thank you so very much. Number 7! -232 years and not one cookie shortage.-Ooh, how about that? Number 6!-TiVo! -Mmm, yeah! Top 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Loves America. Number 5!-Did I mention the soup? Mmm, soup.-Oh, man. Soup! Number 4! -Did you know former President Teddy Roosevelt was an American?-Oh! Hah! -That’s it! -Number 3!-Where else can you get a car painted for $29.95?-Exactly. That’s right. Exactly! Number 2! -Is this the part where I say,Live from New York, it's Saturday Night?-Yeah! Yes, it is! -And the Number 1 Reason Hillary Clinton Loves America. Here you go...-Apparently, anyone can get a talk show. That’s right. You got that right. Thank you very much, Senator!