From the gateway that show world`s glory, this is Hollywood 411. Nobody could say tell him what he could and couldn’t do, and how long his video could or could not be...or how his song structure should be, or how many records he could and couldn’t sell...he went and did, from his heart, as a genuine, good, blessed artist, and he broke all the rules and all the records. Alicia Keys there, just one of the many stars honoring Jackson over the weekend. Just before Jackson died, he was in rehearsing heavily for his upcoming series of 50 concerts in London. And these pictures were taken that night, perhaps the last one showing the King of Pop before he died. Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich also met with Jackson that night...and shares his thoughts on how the singer was handling the pressure of getting the show ready. Our Samia Khan has the details. -It had been years since we had seen the King of Pop bust a move on stage...
-Dancin’, dancin’, dancin’!
...but he was ready to make his return to the UK stage in July. As these pictures taken Wednesday show, Jackson had been rehearsing for hours with dancers and choreographers in Los Angeles. This was a good time for him. I mean, he was, he was definitely on the upswing...and really wanting to, to make this something special, the tour and the little project. Ehrlich had a business meeting with Jackson on Wednesday, the day before Jackson died. It was probably one of the better – or, best meetings that I’ve had with him, ever. He was very at ease. He was very - which, by the way Michael wasn’t always - he was very loquacious. Jackson’s This Is It concerts were due to kick off in London on July 13.