Frogs and toads seem to be born directly from the black mud.Frog amulets are given as gifts to celebrate the Egyptian New Year – symbols of the resurrection of the land.This is the busiest time of the year for the farmers. The formless mud is transformed into an ordered grid of fields. The Nile's gifts are harnessed. Now, the myth of Osiris and his jealous brother Seth will be played out…the sowing of the new crops is a reminder of Osiris - murdered and buried in the soil. The Nile's water irrigates the silt-rich land it has created…and over the next few months, these perfect growing conditions fulfill the river's promise to restore life. As the crops grow, Osiris rises again from the dead. When the Nile keeps its promise, the desert is transformed and Egypt becomes a paradise once more. The forces of order and chaos are perfectly in balance.