Oh, dear. The movers will be here any minute and I haven’t finished packing!
-How are we gonna get our truck in there, pal?
-Just leaves it to me, chum!
Okay! Back her in!
Gosh! I’ll never get through packing!
-Ooh! The movers!
-Come right in, boys!
-It’s a pleasure to move a beautiful doll like you, babe!
-But I haven’t finished packing yet!
-That’s all right, miss! I’ll packs for ya.
-Oh! Thank you.
There you are. Dishes all packed.
-Oh, you’re a fast one!
-Oh, yeah? Watch me pack.
-Oh! You’re wonderful!
-Why, that little show-off! Get a load of this, babe!
-Oh, what a man!
Why, that dirty double-crosser!
I sure got rid of that runt!
-Bravo! Bravo! You’re a!
-Okay, wise guy...catch that! And that! And that!
You’re terrific
Popeye did finish, ‘cause I ates me spinach. I’m Popeye, the Moving Man!