My government's overriding priority is to ensure sustained growth…to deliver a fair and prosperous economy for families and businesses as the British economy recovers from the global economic downturn. Through active employment and training programs, restructuring the financial sector…strengthening the national infrastructure, and providing responsible investment, my government will foster growth and employment. My government will also strengthen key public services, ensuring that individual entitlements guaranteed good services…and will work to build trust in democratic institutions. My government will seek effective global and European collaboration through the G-20 and the European Union…to sustain economic recovery and to combat climate change, including at the Copenhagen Summit next month. My government will continue to reform and strengthen regulation of the financial services industry…to ensure greater protection for savers and taxpayers. Legislation will be brought forward to enhance the governance of the financial sector and to control the system of awards. As the economic recovery is established, my government will reduce the budget deficit and ensure that national debt is on a sustainable path. Legislation will be brought forward to halve the deficit. My government will introduce a bill to enable the wider provision of free personal care to those in highest care need. Legislation will be brought forward to introduce guarantees for pupils and parents to raise educational standards. My government will legislate to protect communities…by ensuring that parents take responsibility for their children's antisocial behavior and by tackling youth gang crime.