Here’s a rare sight in Hawaii. An adult albatross on land! The Laysan albatross, with a wingspan over 6 feet, was born to soar. They’re creatures of the wind – living in the sky. And there are some powerful tradewinds here in the Hawaiian Islands to keep them aloft as long as they want. They only return to land to raise their chicks. The chicks are on a tight schedule. In just a few months, they have to develop the strength, stamina, and skill to take flight. As you can see, this is easier said than done. The closer they get to adulthood, the more pressure there is on them to fly. The fledgling aeronauts turn into the wind and launch themselves down the beach. Death lurks for those who don’t make it. The birds that aren’t quite airworthy have to plunk down in the gentle surf where tiger sharks are waiting for them. The young bird tries with all its might to mimic its parents and get airborne. Tiger sharks consume 10% of all the albatross young in this colony. This drama plays out every year, and the sharks don’t always win!In fact, sometimes, the shark gives the albatross the inspiration to fly! Amazing what knowing you’re about to be eaten can do for your motivation!