Unemployment in the U.K. could reach two-and-three-quarter million by this time next year. That's according to a prediction announced today by a top firm of accountants. That's a significant increase from the 2.47 million people who are currently out of work. Accountants BDO say the economic recovery will not improve people's job prospects as much as many people have predicted...and that is for two reasons. Firstly, companies have been holding on to staff in preparation for the economic upturn so they won't have to take as many people on...and secondly, government spending cuts are likely to affect jobs in the public sector. There's better news for homeowners, though, today as house prices rose for a third successive month. A shortage of properties for sale has continued to support the market with the average house in England and Wales rising in value by 0.2 of a percent...and the time taken for a house for sale to find a buyer has fallen to 8.4 weeks.