LOCKWOOD Would it be taxing your remarkable hospitality if I sat down?
HEATHCLIFF I hope my hospitality will be a lesson to you to make no more rash journeys on these moors. As for staying here tonight,I don't keep accommodations for visitors.You can share a bed with one of the servants.
LOCKWOOD Thanks. I'll sleep in the chair, sir.
HEATHCLIFF No,no. A stranger is a stranger. Guests are so rare in this house that I hardly know how to receive them. I and my dog. Joseph, open up one of the upstair's rooms.
JOSEPH Here's a room for thee, sir.Bridal chamber. Nobody's slept here for years.
LOCKWOOD It's a trifle depressing. Can you light a fire?
JOSEPH No fire will burn in yonder grate. Chimney's all blocked up.
LOCKWOOD Very well, thanks.Good night.

 ・taxing:きつい, 厄介な。
 ・moors:(通例ヒースが茂った)荒野, 荒れ地。
 ・chamber:室, 部屋, 私室,(特に)寝室。
 ・trifle:少量, わずか。
 ・grate:(暖炉の)火格子, 火床。