キャッシーの亡霊か? その声を聞いた借家人が、恐怖にかられヒースクリフを呼ぶ。ヒースクリフは、狂ったように、その亡霊に叫びかける。

PHANTOM Heathcliff, let me in! Let me in! I'm lost on the moors. It's Cathy!
LOCKWOOD Help! Help! Mr. Heathcliff! Mr. Heathcliff, there's somebody here!
LOCKWOOD Oh,Mr.Heathdff! Mr.Heathcliff! There's someone out there in the storm! lt's a woman! I
heard her calling! She said her name! Cathy! Cathy, that was it!
LOCKWOOD Oh,I must have been dreaming. Forgive me, Mr Heathcliff.
HEATHCLIFF Get out of this room! Get out! Get out, I tell you! Cathy! Cathy! Come in! Cathy, come back to me! Oh,Cathy! Do come! Oh do,once more! Oh, my heart's darling! Cathy, my only! My... Cathy!

 ・that was it:それだ。