吹雪の中にヒースクリフは飛び出して行った。何故? むせび泣く幽霊、それは、いとおしい彼女なのか!

LOCKWOOD Where is he going in this storm?
ELLEN She calls him and he follows her out onto the moor.
LOCKWOOD Oh,he's mad! He's like a madman! He seized me by the collar and flung me out! You see, I had a dream. I thought I heard a voice calling. I reached out to close the shutter, and something touched me.Something cold and clinging like an icy hand. And then I saw her: a woman. But then my senses must have become disordered because the falling snow shaped itself into what looked like a phantom. But it was nothing.
ELLEN It was Cathy.
LOCKWOOD Who is Cathy?
A girl... who died.
LOCKWOOD Oh,no. I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in phantoms sobbing through the night.
ELLEN Poor Cathy!
LOCKWOOD I don't believe that life comes back once it's died and calls again to the living. No, I don't.
ELLEN Maybe if I told you her story, you'd change your mind about the dead coming back.
ELLEN Maybe you'd know as I do that there is a force that brings them back, if their hearts were wild enough in life.
LOCKWOOD Tell me her story.

 ・seize:(急にまたは強く)つかむ, 握る。
 ・flung 〜 out:投げ出す。
 ・cling:(…を)抱き[握り]締める, (…に)しがみつく。
 ・phantom:幻影, 幻想, 映像, 幽霊, お化け。