ELLEN It began forty years ago when I was young, in the service of Mr. Earnshaw,Cathy's father. Wuthering Heights was a lovely place in those days,full of summertime and youth and happy voices. One day,Mr. Earnshaw was returning from a visit to Liverpool...
HINDLEY You'll not catch me!
CATHY Oh yes,l will!
ELLEN Cathy,Cathy,dear! Go upstairs and get washed. l don't want your father to see you in that dress. You too, Hindley. Come along now. Oh,hurry up now.
CATHY I don't want to get washed and I don't want to get dressed.
ELLEN Come along now. I'll tell your father not to give you that present he's bringing.
CATHY What's he bringing?
ELLEN Oh,go along now, upstairs. It looks as if his horse is just coming up over the hill.
JOSEPH Evening,Mr.Earnshaw
EARNSHAW Hello,Joseph.
KENNETH Hello,neighbour Earnshaw.
EARNSHAW How are you, Dr. Kenneth?
KENNETH Back from Liverpool so soon? What in the world have you got there?
EARNSHAW A gift of God, although it's as dark as if it came from the devil! Quiet,my bonny lad, we're home.
KENNETH He is a dour-looking individual.

 ・bonny:(古語)美しい, かわいい。
 ・dour:不きげんな, 気むずかしい, 陰気な。