EARNSHAW Aye and with reason. I found him starving in the streets of Liverpool, kicked and bruised and almost dead.
KENNETH So you kidnapped him?
EARNSHAW Not unti1 I'd spent two pounds trying to find out who its owner was. But nobody would lay claim to him,so rather than leave him as he was, I brought him home.
EARNSHAW Here,here!
BOY Let's go!
EARNSHAW Come down. Go on, off with you! Cathy! Hindley!
ELLEN Welcome home,Mr.Earnshaw,the children are just coming down.
EARNSHAW Don't look so shocked, Ellen. He is going to live with us for a while. Give him a good scrubbing, and put some Christian clothes on him.
ELLEN Food is what he needs most from the looks of him,Mr. Earnshaw. He is as thin as a sparrow. Come into the kitchen, child.

 ・aye:(英方言) はい。
 ・bruise:〈人などに〉打撲傷を与える, 打ち傷をつける, あざをつける。
 ・lay claim to〜:〜に対する権利を主張する。