EARNSHAW Cathy! Hindley!
CATHY Father,what did you bring me?
HINDLEY Hello,father!
EARNSHAW There you are. There you are Cathy,it's what you've always wanted. A riding crop. Be careful how you use it.
HINDLEY I am so glad you got back soon,father.
CATHY It's wonderful!
HINDLEY Ow! Father,make her stop!
EARNSHAW Now,now,no,children,no! This is Hindley's violin. One of the best in Liverpool. Fine tone... and a bow to go with it. Here you are, Paganini.
CATHY Who's that?
ELLEN He was hungry as a wolf.
EARNSHAW Oh,children,this is a little gentleman I met in Liverpool,who has accepted my invitation to pay us a little visit.
CATHY He... he's dirty.
EARNSHAW Oh,no,don't make me ashamed of you, Cathy. When he's been scrubbed, Ellen,show him Hindley's room. He'll sleep there.
HINDLEY In my room? He can't. I won't let him.
EARNSHAW Children,you may as well learn here and now that you must share what you have with others not as fortunate as yourselves. Take charge of the lad, Ellen.
Come along, child. What's your name?
EARNSHAW We'll call him...Heathcliff.
CATHY Heathcliff, I'll race you to the barn. The one that loses has to be the other's slave.

 ・invitation:招待,提案, 勧誘。
 ・ashamed:恥ずかしい, 恥ずかしくて。
 ・fortunate:幸福な, 運のよい。