HEATHCLIFF I won! I won! You're my slave! You've got to do as I say! You've got to water my horse and groom it.
CATHY Oh,that's not fair! Too real!
HEATHCLIFF What do you want?
HINDLEY This horse.
HEATHCLIFF You can't have him. He's mine.
HINDLEY I don't care. Mine's lame. I'm going to ride yours.
HEATHCLIFF You are not!
HINDLEY Give him to me or I'll go and tell my father how you've boasted you'd turn me out of doors when he dies.
HEATHCLIFF That's a lie! I never said such a thing!
CATHY Of course he didn't!
HINDLEY You never had a father, you gypsy beggar. You can't have mine.
CATHY Hindley!
HINDLEY Cathy,stop that!

 ・groom:〈馬・犬などを〉手入れ[世話]する, にブラシをかける。
 ・ boast:誇張して[誇らしげに]話す, 自慢する。