HEATHCLIFF I challenge you to mortal combat, black knight!
CATHY Heathcliff,you killed him! You killed him! You've killed the black knight!
HEATHCLIFF He deserved it for all his wicked deeds.
CATHY Oh,it's a wonderful castle. Heathcliff,let's never leave it.
HEATHCLIFF Never in our lives!
HEATHCLIFF Let all the world confess that there is not in all the world a more beautiful damsel than the Princess Catherine of Yorkshire.
CATHY But I.... I'm still your slave.
HEATHCLIFF No, Cathy. I now make you my queen. Whatever happens out there, here you will always be my queen.

 ・mortal:死を賭(と)した, 必死の。
 ・confess: …を(事実だと)認める, 自認する。