HINDLEY Sit down, Cathy,till you're excused from the table. Joseph,fill Miss Catherine's glass. Oh, my little sister disapproves of drinking. Well I know some people who don't. Heathcliff, saddle my horse. And be quick about it, you gypsy beggar.
HINDLEY I thought I told you to be quick. And look at this stable,it's as filthy as a pig sty. Is this the way you do your work? Clean it up. I want this floor cleaned and scrubbed tonight. Well, don't stand there showing your teeth. Give me a hand up. I want your work done when I come back at dawn, do you hear? Oh, you're hoping I won't  come back. You are hoping I'll fall on a road and break my neck, aren't you? Aren't you?
JOSEPH All right,come on,Heathcliff. Here,here, Heathdff! Heathcliff,where are you going? Wait! Heathcliff,come back!

 ・disapprove:…をよくないと思う;…を非難する, に不満を示す。
 ・filthy:よごれた, きたない, 不潔な。
 ・showing one's teeth:反抗的な態度を見せる。
 ・dawn:夜明け, あけぼの。