CATHY Did Joseph see which way you came?
HINDLEY What does it matter? Nothing's real down there. Our life is here.
CATHY Yes,my Lord.
HINDLEY The clouds are lowering over Gimmerton Head. See how the light is changing?
CATHY It would be dreadful if Hindley ever found out.
HINDLEY Found out what? That you talk to me once in a while?
CATHY Shouldn't talk to you at all. Look at you. You get worse everyday. Dirty and unkempt and in rags. Why aren't you a man? Heathdff, why don't you run away?
HINDLEY Run away? From you?
CATHY You could come back to me rich and take me away. Why aren't you my prince like we said long ago? Why can't you rescue me, Heathdiff?
HINDLEY Cathy,come with me now.
CATHY Where?
HINDLEY Anywhere.
CATHY And live in haystacks? And steal our food from the market places? No, Heathcliff,that's not what I want.
HINDLEY You just want to send me off.That won't do. I've stayed here and been beaten like a dog. Abused and cursed and driven mad, but I stayed just to be near you. Even as a dog. And I'll stay till the end. I'll live and I'll die under this rock.
CATHY Do you hear? Music. The Lintons are giving a party.That is what I want...dancing and singing in the pretty world. And I am going to have it. Come on! Let's go and see. Come on!

 ・lowering:〈空などが〉険悪な, 今にも降りだしそうな, どんよりした。
 ・once in a while:ほんのときたまに。
 ・unkempt:〈髪が〉くしを入れてない, もじゃもじゃの。
 ・rag:布くず, ぼろ切れ, ぼろくず。
 ・abuse:虐待[酷使]する, 乱暴に扱う。