EDGAR She's bleeding. Tell Miss Hudkins to bring some hot water at once, Isabella,and make some bandages.
ISABELLA Yes. How badly is she hurt?
EDGAR I can't tell yet. Send Robert to get Dr. Kenneth in the shay. Hurry!
HEATHCLIFF Cathy! Cathy! You'll pay for this!
JUDGELINTON Hold your tongue, you insolent rascal! Get out of this house!
HEATHCLIFF I won't go without Cathy.
EDGAR Father,please. She's in pain.
CATHY Go on,Heathdiff, run away! Bring me back the world.
JUDGELINTON Pack this fellow off.
HEATHCLIFF I am going. I am going from here and from this cursed country both.
JUDGELINTON Throw him out!
HEATHCLIFF But I'll be back in this house one day, Judge Linton,and I'll pay you out! I'll bring this house down in ruins about your heads. That's my curse on you! On all of you!

 ・bandage:包帯, 眼帯, 巻き布。
 ・rascal:人でなし, 悪漢, 悪党, ごろつき。
 ・pack off:追い出す。
 ・ruin:破壊, (建造物の)倒壊, 崩壊。