ELLEN And so Cathy found herself in this new world she had so often longed to enter. And after some happy weeks, Mr. Edgar brought her back to Wuthering Heights.
ELLEN Cathy!
CATHY Ellen! Ellen!
ELLEN Welcome home, Miss Cathy! How do you do, Mr. Linton? Don't stir, I'll get Joseph to carry you.
EDGAR Carry her? She runs like a little goat.
CATHY Ellen,I've been dancing night after night.
ELLEN Oh,how beautiful you look, Miss Cathy! Wherever did you get that beautiful dress?
CATHY Mr.Linton's sister lent it to me. Isn't it wonderful? Edgar,do come in and have a cup of tea, won't you?
EDGAR Oh,thank you. As soon as the horses have been seen to.
ELLEN We'll find someone. Heathcnff! Heathcliff! Heathcliff! Heathcliff!

 ・stir:動く, そよぐ。
 ・seen to:世話をする。