CATHY Heathcliff? Is he here?
ELLEN Oh yes, he came back one night last week with great talk of lying in a lake of fire without you. How he had to see you to live. He is unbearable. Where could he be,the scoundrel? Heathcliff! Heathcliff!
CATHY Heathcliff!
HEATHCLIFF Why did you stay so long in that house?
CATHY Didn't expect to find you here.
HEATHCLIFF Why did you stay so long?
CATHY Why? Because I was having a wonderful time. A delightful,fascinating,wonderful time among human beings. Go and wash your face and hands, Heathcliff. And comb your hair so that I needn't be ashamed of you in front of a guest.
ELLEN Heathcliff,what are you doing in this part of the house? Go and look after Mr. Linton's horses.
HEATHCLIFF Let him look after his own.
ELLEN Heathcliff!
EDGAR I've already done so.
CATHY Apologize to Mr.Linton at once!

 ・scoundrel:(古風)無頼漢, ならず者, やくざ者, 悪党。
 ・delightful:うれしい, 楽しい, 心地よい, 魅力的な。
 ・fascinating:魅惑的な, うっとりさせる。
 ・look after:世話をする。
 ・apologize:わびる, 謝罪する。