CATHY Bring in some tea, will you please, Ellen?
EDGAR Cathy...
CATHY Yes,Edgar?
EDGAR I simply cannot understand how your brother can allow that beast of a gypsy to have the run of the house.
CATHY Don't talk about him.
EDGAR Cathy,how can you, a gentlewoman, tolerate him under your roof? Roadside beggar giving himself airs of equality. How can you?
CATHY What do you know about Heathcliff?
EDGAR All I need or want to know.
CATHY He was my friend long before you.
EDGAR That blaggard?
CATHY Blaggard and all, he belongs under this roof, and you'll speak well of him or get out.
EDGAR Are you out of your senses?
CATHY Get out,I said,or stop calling those l love nalnes.
EDGAR Those you love?
CATHY Yes,yes!
EDGAR Cathy,what possesses you? Do you realize the things you're saying?
CATHY I'm saying that I hate you. I hate the look of your milk-white face.I hate the touch of your soft, foolish hands.
EDGAR Some of that gypsy's evil soul has got into you, I think.
CATHY Yes,it's true!
EDGAR Some of that beggar's dirt is on、you.
CATHY Yes,yes,now get out!
ELLEN Miss Cathy, my dear!
CATHY Leave me alone.

 ・have the run of:好きにさせる。
 ・tolerate:がまんする, 耐える。
 ・ blaggard:自慢屋, 大言を吐く人。
 ・ possess:(悪霊などに)取りつかれている。