CATHY Oh,Ellen,Ellen,l got the soap in my eyes. Where's the flannel? Oh, it's hot!
ELLEN No,no,it isn't.
CATHY lt's hot!
ELLEN Oh,don't do that!
CATHY Ellen,haven't you finished yet?
ELLEN Supposing you're not ready when he gets here. Will you keep still? Any young man that will come snivelling back after the way you've treated him,you can keep waiting forever. What's wrong with him, sending you perfume? Hasn't he any pride?
CATHY I sent my apologies, didn't l?
ELLEN I can't believe this change in you, Miss Cathy. Just yesterday it seems you were a harum-scarum child with dirty hands and a willful heart. Look at you. Oh, you're lovely, Miss Cathy. Lovely!  
CATHY That's a very silly lie. I am not lovely. What I am is very brilliant. I have a wonderful brain.
ELLEN Indeed?
CATHY It enables me to be superior to myself There's nothing to be gained by just looking pretty like Isabella. Every beauty mark must contain a thought,and every curl be full of humour, as well as brilliantine.
ELLEN Heavens above! Such prattle!

 ・flannel:フランネル, タオル。
 ・treat:扱う, 遇する。
 ・perfume:香料, 香水。
 ・willful:強情な, いこじな, 片意地な。
 ・brilliant:きらきら輝く, きらめく, ぴかぴか光る。