CATHY Since when are you in the habit of entering my room, Heathcliff?
HEATHCLIFF I want to talk to you. Go outside, Ellen.
ELLEN I will not. I take orders from Mistress Catherine, not stable boys.
HEATHCLIFF Go outside!
CATHY All right, Ellen. And now that we are so happily alone,Heathcliff,may l know to what I owe this great honour?
HEATHCLIFF He's commg here agam.
CATHY You're really unbearable,Heathcliff,utterly unbearable.
HEATHCLIFF You didn't think so this morning on the moors.
CATHY Well,my moods change indoors.
HEATHCLIFF Is he coming here?
CATHY No, of course not. Now, please go away.
HEATHCLIFF You are lying. Why are you dressed up in a silk dress?
CATHY Because gentlefolk dress for dinner.
HEATHCLIFF Not you. Why are you trying to win his puny flatteries?
CATHY I'm not a child anymore. You can't talk like that to me.
HEATHCLIFF I'm not talking to a child. I'm talking to Cathy・・・ My Cathy.

 ・take order from:命令される。
 ・utterly:まったく, 完全に, すっかり, 徹底的に。
 ・gentlefolk:(古語)家柄のよい人々, 良家の人々。
 ・puny:取るに足らない, つまらない。
 ・flattery:へつらい, 追従(ついしょう), おべっか, ごきげんとり,お世辞, 甘言。