HEATHCLIFF Yes,yes. Tell the dirty stable boy to let go of you. He soils your pretty dress, but who soils your heart? Not Heathcliff! Who turns you into a vain cheap worldly fool? Linton does! You'll never love him, but you let yourself be loved because it pleases your stupid, greedy vanity. Loved by that milksop with buckles on his shoes.
CATHY Stop it and get out! You had your chance to be something else.A thief or a servant were all you were born to be.Or a beggar beside the road begging for favours, not earning them, but whimpering for them with your dirty hands.
HEATHCLIFF That's all I've become to you: a pair of dirty hands! Well,have them then! Have them where they belong! It doesn't help to strike you.

 ・worldly:俗っぽい, 俗物の。
 ・please:喜ばせる, 満足させる。
 ・stupid:頭の鈍い, 愚鈍な, 愚かな。
 ・greedy:どん欲な, 強欲な。
 ・vanity:うぬぼれ, 慢心;虚栄心。
 ・milksop:(古風)いくじなし, 腰抜け, 弱虫(の男)。
 ・thief:どろぼう, 盗人。
 ・earn:得る, もうける, かせぐ。