CATHY Ellen, I wondered whether you were still up.
ELLEN Has he gone?
CATHY Ellen,I've got some news for you!
ELLEN But the kitchen is no place for that. Let's come into the parlour. Miss Cathy...!
CATHY Sit down! Listen! Ellen, can you keep a secret? Ellen,Edgar's asked me to marry him!
ELLEN What did you tell him?
CATHY I told him I'd give him my answer tomorrow.
ELLEN But do you love him, Miss Cathy?
CATHY Yes,of course!
CATHY Why? That's a silly question, isn't it?
ELLEN No,not so silly. Why do you love him?
CATHY Because he is handsome and pleasant to be with.
ELLEN That's not enough.
CATHY Because he'll be rich someday,and I'll be the finest lady in the county.
ELLEN And now tell me how you love him.
CATHY I love the ground under his feet, the air above his head and everything he touches.

 ・be up:起きている。
 ・silly:ばかばかしい, ばかげた。
 ・pleasant:愉快な, 楽しい。