ELLEN Oh,Mr. Hindley, thank heaven you' ve come home.
HINDLEY Where's Joseph? I told him to stay awake till I came home.
ELLEN Master Hindley!
HINDLEY Does he expect me to unsaddle my horse? Unmannerly rascal!
ELLEN Master Hindley, you've got to go out again. Miss Cathy... Miss Cathy's gone! They're looking for her. Joseph,everybody...
HINDLEY Gone? Gone where?
ELLEN Out in the storm hours ago! Heathcliff ran away! He took a horse and left, and she went running after him!
HINDLEY She did?
HINDLEY Well, don't stand there with your mouth open like a great fish,fetch me a bottle and we'll celebrate!
ELLEN Master Hindley, she'll die on the moors! You've got to go out and help them to find her!
HINDLEY Do as I tell you! If she's run after that gypsy scum,let her run! Let her run through storm and hell! They're birds of a feather and the devil can take them both! Now, get me a bottle, I tell you.

 ・thank heaven:(安堵して)よかった。
 ・unmannerly:礼儀正しくない, 無作法な, 無礼な。
 ・rascal:いたずら者, わんぱく小僧。
 ・let one...:勝手に〜させる。