KENNETH Twenty drops in a glass of claret well warmed, and then add a lump of sugar.There's nothing else I can think of to tell you except keep her in the sun and give her plenty of cream and butter.
KENNETH In another month, Cathy,you will be feeling like new. Goodbye,dear.
CATHY Goodbye,Doctor.
ELLEN She'll be going home soon, Doctor?
KENNETH What's needed now is peace and orderliness in her life. That's not to be found at Wuthering Heights.Has she mentioned him at all?
ELLEN She hasn't spoken his name since the delirium passed.
KENNETH Well,sometimes fever can heal as well as destroy. I made some inquiries in the village of the people who knew him.
ELLEN What did you hear?
KENNETH No sign or hint of our precious Heathcliff. He's disappeared into thin air.
ELLEN Heaven hope.

 ・lump of suga:角砂糖。
 ・plenty:十分, たくさん, 多数, 多量。
 ・orderly:整頓された, きちんとした。
 ・mention:について言及する, ちょっと触れる。
 ・delirium:意識の混濁(状態), 狂乱(状態)。
 ・destroy:破壊する, 破滅させる。