CATHY She's such a darling,but then you've all been so nice to me.That's all I think about, is how nice you are to me. But still, I can't stay here forever.
EDGAR Why not, Cathy? If I can make you happy...
CATHY You have made me happy, Edgar. You've given me so much of your own self, your strength.
EDGAR Darling,let me take care of you forever. Let me guard you and love you always.
CATHY Would you love me always?
Yes. It's so easy to love you.
CATHY Because I'm no longer wild and black-hearted,and full of gypsy ways?
CATHY Of course, you were right, Edgar. What you said long ago was true. There was a strange curse on me. Something that kept me from being myself, or at least from being what I wanted to be, living in heaven.
EDGAR How sweet you are! I've never kissed you.
CATHY No one will ever kiss me again but you. No one. I'll be your wife, and be proud of being your wife.
EDGAR Darling!
CATHY And I'll be good to you and love you truly, always.

 ・curse:のろいの言葉, 呪文。