ELLEN And I, too, felt a cold wind across my heart as they rode away together. But as the years went on, they were really in possession of a deep and growing happiness. I wish you could have seen Miss Cathy then. She became quite the lady of the manor and seemed alomost overfond of Mr. Linton.For Isabella, she showed great affection, and presided over Thrushcross Grange with quiet dignity.
EDGAR It looks as though you've fallen into a trap, father.
LINTON Yes it does, doesn't it?
EDGAR There you are. Checkmate. Thank you,father.
LINTON Oh,well,I'll go and dress for dinner
ISABELLA What's the matter with the dogs?

 ・possession:所有, 入手, 所持, 占有。
 ・dignity:重々しさ, 威厳, 荘重さ, 尊厳。