EDGAR Oh,it's probably one of the servants coming back from the village. Cathy,I talked to Geoff Peters this afternoon about that new wing of ours. It doesn't look as though we're going be able to marry Isabella off for another decade or two; she's so particular.
ISABELLA It's a brother's duty, dear Edgar, to introduce your sister to some other type than fops and pale   young poets.
EDGAR Well,you want a dragoon!
ISABELLA Yes,I do, with a fiery moustache!
CATHY Poor Isabella. I am afraid I got the only prize in the county.
EDGAR Oh,thank you,darling. And for me, heaven is bounded by the four walls of this room.
CATHY Yes,we're all angels, even my little petit point hero. I'm just putting wings on him.
EDGAR Speaking of wings, I will show you those plans.

 ・particular:気むずかしい, えり好みする。
 ・fop:(古語)気どり屋, しゃれ者。
 ・fiery:火の(ついた), 火を伴う。
 ・petit point:プチポアン(刺繍の手法)。