ELLEN Miss Cathy...
CATHY What is it, Ellen?
ELLEN Someone wishes to see you.
CATHY You sound as if it were a ghost.
ELLEN lt is! He's come back!
ELLEN Heathcliff!
CATHY What does he want?
ELLEN He wants to see you. .
CATHY Tell him...tell him I'm not at home
EDGAR Not at home, Cathy? To whom are you not at home?
CATHY It's Heathcliff. It seems he's come back.
EDGAR Well,that's news. Where has he been?
ELLEN America,he said.He's so changed,I hardly recognized him.
EDGAR Oh,for the better, I hope.
ELLEN Oh,yes. He's quite the gentleman. Fine clothes, a horse...
CATHY Don't stand there prattling, go and tell him I don't wish to see him.
EDGAR Oh,nonsense,Cathy. We can't be as cruel as that. He's come a long way and he's a fine gentleman, so Ellen says. Let's see how America's managed to make a silk purse out of our Master Heathcliff.
EDGAR Show him in, Ellen.
ELLEN Yes,Master Edgar.

 ・cruel:残酷な, 無慈悲な。
 ・purse:札入れ, 財布。