CATHY Are you visiting here long, I mean, in the village?
HEATHCLIFF The rest of my life. I've just bought Wuthering Heights,the house, the stock and the moors.
EDGAR You mean that Hindley has sold you the estate?
HEATHCLIFF He's not aware of it as yet. I'm afraid that it will be somewhat of a surprise to him, when he finds out that his gambling debts and liquor bills were all paid up for him by his former stable boy, or perhaps he will merely laugh at the irony of it,Mr.Linton.
EDGAR But I don't understand.I don't understand how this could have happened without Mrs. Linton hearing of it.
HEATHCLIFF Modesty compelled me to play the Good Samaritan in secret,Mr.Linton.

 ・estate:地所, 屋敷, 私有地。
 ・be aware of:について承知する。
 ・merely:ただ, 単に。
 ・irony:反語, 皮肉。
 ・modesty:けんそん, 控えめ, つつましさ, 上品。
 ・the Good Samaritan:親切な人のこと(原典は、ルカの福音書)。