EDGAR By heaven,Heathcliff!  This is the most underhanded piece of work I've ever heard of in this county. If I'd only known... I....I knew that Hindley was in financial dimculties, but...but not that his property was being stolen from him by a stranger.
HEATHCLIFF I'm neither thief nor stranger,merely your neighbour,sir.Now,I'll say good night.
CATHY Wait, Heathcliff Edgar and I have many neighbours whom we receive with hospitality and friendship. And if you are to be one of them, you are welcome to visit our house, but not with a scowl on your face or an old bitterness in your heart.
HEATHCLIFF Thank you. It occurs to me that I have not congratulated you on your marriage.I've often thought of it. Allow me to express my delight over your happiness now. Good night.

 ・property:財産, 資産。
 ・bitterness:苦しさ, つらさ,反感, うらみ。