HEATHCLIFF Get him what he wants,Joseph.
JOSEPH But Dr. Kenneth has forbid it, Mr.Heathcliff.
HEATHCLIFF What difference to the world whether he's drunk or sober, or to Dr. Kenneth? Do as I tell you!
HINDLEY Get out! It's too early in the morning to look on the devil.
HEATHCLIFF Your ingratitude, Hindley,makes me almost sad. All I have done to you, Hindley,is to enable you to be yourself.My money has helped you to drink and gamble and enjoy the world as you wished. And now that you're without a home of your own, I remember that you once gave me a place to sleep when you might have turned me out. And I allow you to remain, Hindley,and even provide you with solace against the doctor's orders.
HINDLEY I'll have Wuthering Heights back, do you hear? I'll be master here and I'll turn you out as I should have done years ago.

 ・sober:酔っていない, しらふの。
 ・ingratitude:忘恩, 恩知らず,感謝の気持ちのないこと。