HEATHCLIFF We're just in time, Joseph.Mr.Hindley's beginning to whine and stutter. He needs fire in his veins. A little courage with which to face his unhappy life.
HINDLEY I'll have my gold, I'll have your blood, and hell can have your soul! Laugh now, Heathcliff. There's no laughter in hell!
HEATHCLIFF All you have to do is to shoot.
HINDLEY They'll thank me for it.The whole world will say I did right in ridding it of a rotten gypsy beggar!
HEATHCLIFF Yes. They'll say that! Shoot and you'll be master here again. The whole county will resound with your courage, Hindley. Go on, shoot,you puny chicken of a man with not enough blood in you to keep your hands steady! You remember that time you hit me with a rock, Hindley? The times you shamed and flogged me as your stable boy? You were a coward then, and you are a coward now. Take him out,Joseph. Find some place for him to sleep.
JOSEPH I'll put him to bed.
HEATHCLIFF Not in the master's room. I'm master here now. Joseph,his pistol.
JOSEPH Oh,I'll hide it.
HEATHCLIFF No! A gentleman must not be deprived of his weapons,Joseph. I prefer that he has it by him always,as a reminder of his cowardice.

 ・rid:取り除く, 除去する, なくする。
 ・rotten:腐った, 腐朽した。
 ・courage:勇気, 度胸, 勇敢。
 ・flog:を(むち・杖(つえ)で)強く打つ, 打ってこらしめる。
 ・deprive:奪う, 取り上げる。
 ・cowardice:臆病, 小胆。