ISABELLA I was furious with my brother and Cathy, too. I told them so. I thought they acted most shamefully.
HEATHCLIFF Let me give you a chair. Your brother didn't send you with these apologies?
ISABELLA Oh,no.He's forbid me to...
HEATHCLIFF To speak to me?
HEATHCLIFF And Mrs.Linton?
ISABELLA She's also very angry with you
HEATHCLIFF So that in all the county, you are my only friend.
ISABELLA I would like to be
HEATHCLIFF Well, let us celebrate our new friendship by a gallop over the moors, shall we?
ISABELLA Oh,but my horse is lame.
HEATHCLIFF My dear,your horse is not lame and it never was. You came to see me because you are lonely. Because it is lonely sitting like an outsider in so happy a house as your brother's. Lonely riding on the moors with no one at your side.You won't be lonely anymore.

 ・furious:ひどく腹を立てた, 激怒した, 怒り狂った。
 ・shamefully:恥ずべき, 恥ずかしい。
 ・celebrate:祝う, する。