英会話無料教材・ ヒースクリフが夜会に来た

SERVANT Good evening,sir...     
HEATHCLIFF Good evening,Ellen.
ISABELLA I was so afraid you wouldn't come, and tonight would have been ruined if you hadn't
KENNETH Good heavens,is that Heathdiff?
EDGAR Yes,it is.
KENNETH I can't believe it, Cathy having him here.
EDGAR Not Cathy, it's my sister. Oh,it's just a young girl's fancy, but one must be careful not to inflame it with too much opposition. Allow it to spend itself harmlessly in a few dances.
ISABELLA Oh,Madam Enles is going to play the harpsichord. Do come and sit down. I shall let you hold my hand underneath my fan.
LADY Thank you.

 ・ruin:そこなう, 台なしにする。
 ・fancy:気まぐれ, 思いつき。
 ・inflame:たきつける, 刺激する, あおる。
 ・opposition:反対, 抵抗。
 ・spend itself:自然消滅する。
 ・harmless:害を及ぼさない, 安全な。