ヒースクリフの激しい愛の告白に、キャッシーの心は揺れる。昔とは違う。今は人妻で、夫から愛され、夫を愛していると。それは嘘だ、君が願った心が、私をここに連れて来たのだとヒースクリフ。 2人の葛藤をつゆ知らない、イザベルがそこに来る。

HEATHCLIFF It is. I can hear it louder than music. Oh, Cathy, Cathy!
CATHY I'm not the Cathy that was. Can you understand that? I am somebody else.I'm another man's wife and he loves me, and I love him.
HEATHCLIFF If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day. Not he, not the world, not even you, Cathy,can come between us.
CATHY Heathcliff,you must go away.You must leave this house and never come back to it. I never want to see your face again or listen to your voice again,as long as I live.
HEATHCLIFF You lie! Why do you think I'm here tonight? Because you willed it. You willed me here, across the sea.
ISABELLA Cathy,have you seen Heathcliff? Oh, there you are. They're just going to play a schottische. Come along. It's quite suitable to your high moral character. What's the matter? Has Cathy been behaving horribly again? If she weren't my sister-in-law,I'd say she was jealous.Come along.

 ・suitable:適している, ふさわしい。
 ・horribly:恐ろしく, ものすごく。