CATHY Isabella, don't you see what he's been doing? He's been using you to be near me. To smile at me behind your back. To try to rouse something in my heart that's dead. I'll not have it any longer! I'll not allow you to help him any longer!
ISABELLA You are vain and insufferable. Heathcliff's in love with me.
CATHY It's a lie!
ISABELLA It's not a lie, he's told me so. He's kissed me. He's kissed me! He's held me in his arms.He's told me that he loves me!
CATHY I'm going to your brother.
ISABELLA Go to him.He's asked me to marry him! Tell Edgar that. That we're going to be married, that Heathcliff's going to be my husband!

 ・vain:むだな, 無益な。
 ・insufferable:耐えられない, しゃくにさわる。