CATHY Isabella,you can't! Heathcliff's not a man, but something dark and horrible to live with!
ISABELLA Do you imagine, Catherine, that I don't know why you're acting so? Because you love him! Yes! You love him! And you're mad with pain and jealousy at the thought of my marrying him! Because you want him to pine for you and dream of you, and die for you, while you live in comfort and security as Mrs. Linton! You don't want him to be happy! You want to make him suffer! You want to destroy him! But I want to make him happy! And I will, I will!
EDGAR I heard your voices.
ISABELLA We were just discussing the ball.
EDGAR W'ell there's plenty of time for gossip tomorrow, and you ought to come to bed, darling.You look tired.
EDGAR Good night,lsabella.
ISABELLA Good night.

 ・horrible:恐ろしい, ものすごい。
 ・pine for〜:〜に恋焦がれる。
 ・comfort:ほっとした気持ち, 安心感。
 ・suffer:苦しむ, 悩む。
 ・out to:すべきだ,した方がいい。