HEATHCLIFF If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you,I would be your slave. Cathy, if your heart were only stronger than your dull fear of God and the world, I would live silently contented in your shadow. But,no! You must destroy us both with that weakness you call virtue. You must keep  me tormented with that cruelty you think so pious. You've been smug and pleased with my vile love of you, haven't you? Haven't you? Well, after this, you can think of me as something else than that Cathy's foolish and despairing lover.You can think of me as Isabella's husband, and be glad for my happiness as I was for yours.

 ・dull:鈍い, 鈍感な。
 ・fear:恐れ, 恐怖。
 ・virtue:美徳, 徳, 善。
 ・torment:ひどく苦しめる, 痛めつける。
 ・cruelty:残酷さ, 無慈悲さ。
 ・pious:信心深い, 敬虔な。
 ・vile:卑しむべき, 卑劣な, さもしい。