CATHY Drive to the village. Collect Mr. Linton.
DRIVER very well, Ma'am.
EDGAR Get married? lt's preposterous! isabella and Heathcliff?
CATHY But it's true. What are you going to do about it?
EDGAR Do? I'll put her under lock and key if need be. Isabella? Isabella?
CATHY We must go after them, do you hear?
EDGAR Oh,going after them is useless.
CATHY You must go after them while there's still time. They cannot marry! They must not marry!
EDGAR Darling,don't disturb yourself, there's nothing I can do.
CATHY But you must, Edgar! Get your pistols! Go after them! Kill him! Stop them from marrying. This marriage cannot be! Do you hear? lt musn't! Edgar! Edgar!

 ・collect:呼び寄せる, 迎えに行く。
 ・preposterous:不合理な, 非常識な, 実にばかげた。
 ・disturb oneself:取り乱す。