ELLEN And so Heathcliff and Isabella were married. And many months later at Wuthering Heights, during one of Dr. Kenneth's increasingly rare visits...
KENNETH Hindley,why don't you hit yourself over the head with a hammer the instant you get up
in the morning?
KENNETH Well,if you hit yourself hard enough, you'll remain unconscious the whole day, and achieve virtually the same results as you would from a whole gallon of spirits, with much less wear and tear on the kidneys. Don't you agree with me,Mrs.Heathcliff?
ISABELLA What does it matter?
KENNETH Well, I'd hoped that it did matter, that when you came here, things would change.
ISABELLA No,only I changed.

 ・increasingly:ますます, いよいよ, だんだん。
 ・unconscious:意識を失った, 前後不覚[人事不省]の。
 ・virtually:実質的には, 事実上, 実際上。
 ・wear and tear:消耗,磨耗。