KENNETH I remember this house when it rang with laughter and love. Goodbye, Mrs. Heathcliff Ask your husband to call another doctorin future. Whoever dwells in this house is beyond my healing arts.
ISABELLA I shall miss you, Dr.Kenneth.
KENNETH Isabella,I brought you into the world. But it's a world you're not going to grace very long if you stay in this house. Dear child,I
must tell you this: go back where you belong. Back with Edgar,if only for a month or two. It will mean your salvation and his.
ISABELLA Edgar's disowned me.
KENNETH Nonsense! That was natural under the circumstances. But he needs you now.
ISABELLA He does? Why?
KENNETH Cathy is gravely ill. In fact, it's only a matter of days,hours perhaps.
ISABELLA What is it?
KENNETH Fever, inflammation of the lungs, but there's something beyond that. I don't know. I'd call it the "will to die."
ISABELLA If Cathy died, I might begin to live.
KENNETH Isabella!

 ・disown:縁を切る, 勘当する。
 ・gravely:重大な,危険[危機]をはらんだ, 容易ならぬ。
 ・lung:肺, 肺臓。