HINDLEY Begin to live, eh?
HINDLEY In this house with Heathcliff, nothing can live. Nothing but hate. I can feel it breathing like the devil's own breath on it.And you, he hates you worse than he does me.He loathes you.Each time you kiss him, his heart breaks with rage because it's not Cathy. Isabella,why don't you kill him?
ISABELLA I've forbidden you to speak to me about Heathcliff!
HINDLEY Kill him!
ISABELLA Stop it! Do you hear me?
HINDLEY Kill him! Kill him!
HEATHCLIFF Well,that's the first lucid talk I've heard out of Hindley for weeks. It's not very Christian talk, but at least it's coherent. It seemed to make some points.
ISABELLA Heathdiff...
HEATHCLIFF I'm delighted with your improvement, Hindley
ISABELLA I tried to stop him.
HEATHCLIFF Thank you,my dear wife,your loyalty is touching.

 ・rage:激怒, 憤激。
 ・lucid:わかりやすい, 明快な。
 ・coherent:首尾一貫した, 論理的な。
 ・touching:人の心を動かす, 感激[感動]させる, 哀れな。