HINDLEY Heathcliff,your curses will come home to feed on your own heart. Every agony you've given will return.
ISABELLA Heathcliff,why do we have him here? I can't breathe with him in the house.
HEATHCLIFF Existence would be so much less without my boyhood friend under my roof
ISABELLA Heathcliff,don't you see? You poison yourself with hating him. Darling, please send him away, and let love come into the house.
HEATHCLIFF Why isn't there the smell of heather in your hair?
ISABELLA Oh,Heathcliff! Why won't you let me come near you? You're not black and horrible as they all think! You're full of pain. I can make you happy! Let me try. You won't regret it! I'll be your slave! I can bring life back to you, new and fresh!
HEATHCLIFF Why are your eyes always empty,like Linton's eyes?

 ・feed on:を餌食にする。
 ・agony:苦痛, 苦悶。
 ・regret:後悔する, 悔いる。