ISABELLA They're not empty,if you'd only look deeper. Look at me. I'm pretty, I'm a woman, and I love you! You're all of life to me! Let me be a single breath of it to you! Heathcliff, let your heart look at me just once!
HEATHCLIFF Almighty God gave me life... What is it but hunger and pain? What do you want, Ellen? What are you doing here?
ELLEN I want to speak to Miss Isabella.
HEATHCLIFF Well,you can do so in front of me.
ELLEN Her brother has asked me to bring her home for a visit. He needs you with him, Miss Isabella.
ELLEN Let go of me, Heathcliff.
HEATHCLIFF Cathy...she's ill.
ELLEN Yes. Mr. Edgar wants you to come home at once, Miss Isabella.
HEATHCLIFF She's dying!
ISABELLA You are not going! She belongs to Edgar! If she's dying,let her die where she belongs,in Edgar's arms.Let her die! Let her die! Let her die!

 ・let one do::〜に〜をさせてやる。